Silence is a clear leader in the development of clinical-stage RNAi therapeutics, having developed a broad pipeline of internal and partnered product candidates.

Silence's technology serves as an important foundation in at least half of the siRNA programs in clinical development worldwide, demonstrating the significant impact that the company's RNAi platform has within the sector. Silence's impressive pipeline of products not only validates the strength of the company's technology but also the depth of knowledge that has guided the development path.

Internal clinical pipeline

Quark Pharmaceuticals (Quark) has licensed Silence’s AtuRNAi. Quark’s PF-655 product was licensed to Pfizer. Phase II results are awaited in Diabetic Macular Oedema.

Novartis has taken an option to license Quark’s QPI 1002, targeting Acute Kidney Injury and Delayed Graft Function. Phase II results are awaited in Delayed Graft Function in kidney transplant. Both these Quark drugs use naked siRNA.