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Our 20-plus years of RNAi experience together with our validated mRNAi GOLD™ platform make us a partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies looking to access the benefits of the siRNA and add this revolutionary modality to their discovery pipeline.

Areas of Interest


siRNA based discovery collaborations utilizing our mRNAi GOLD™ platform to silence disease-associated genes in the liver hepatocytes


Novel hepatically expressed genes which could be targeted using our mRNAi GOLD™ platform


Technologies to enable tissue specific delivery of oligonucleotides (extra-hepatic delivery)


Patient cohorts and biobanks with genomic and longitudinal clinical and phenotypic data for indications addressable by our mRNAi GOLD™ platform

How We Work

External Innovation

External Innovation

We collaborate to access the best science across the globe. This could be in academic institutions, biotech companies or larger pharmaceutical companies. By working together, we hope to turbo-charge innovation and accelerate the development of new therapies for patients.

Flexible Approach to Transactions

Flexible Approach to Transactions

We recognize that every partner is unique and we take a pragmatic approach to deal making. As a small organisation we can move quickly and identify creative solutions which provide benefits for all parties.

One-Team Approach to Collaboration

One-Team Approach to Collaboration

The hard work starts when the deal is signed. We are building a collaborative culture across our organisation and this is embedded in our vision and values. We invest in alliance management during negotiation and continue this investment throughout our collaborations.

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