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We are committed to transforming outcomes for people living with high levels of Lp(a), a genetic risk factor for premature heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

To support better understanding of Lp(a), we have developed a short ‘eBook’ that you can find here. It provides an introduction to some of the key topics relating to raised levels of Lp(a), including what causes it, how it is diagnosed and its role in cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease.

Unmet Medical Need

“[Lp(a)] has not been recognized widely for a number of reasons, and now its time has come. We need to recognize it, we need to measure it in everybody, just once. We know who’s at high risk therefore, and we need to develop medications to take care of them.” - Professor Henry Ginsberg, MD, PhD

Professor Henry Ginsberg, MD, PhD, Columbia University, discusses the impact of Lp(a) and goals for future management to reduce cardiovascular risk.

Hear from People Living with High Lp(a)

“If you got a history of premature coronary disease or stroke related illnesses within your family, try and get your Lp(a) checked out.” – J-P

In this short video, FH Europe ambassador, John-Paul, explains his journey to diagnosis with elevated Lipoprotein(a) – or Lp(a) for short – and the value of knowing your status to seek appropriate support and treatment to lower your risk of cardiovascular complications.

“The role of support groups for newly diagnosed patients, I think is very important. It helped me a lot.” - Annelies

In collaboration with FH Europe we spoke with Annelies, who has been diagnosed with Lp(a) and is passionate about raising awareness of the condition. Throughout the video, she shares her experiences of being diagnosed, how she overcame her initial challenges and doubts and came to term with a condition not many are familiar with.

“My original problem started in 2015. My journey took me to 2018 before I really figured out that this [Lp(a)] was indeed my problem.” – Steve

Listen to Steve who was born with high Lp(a) – a key genetic risk factor of heart disease. He discusses his journey to diagnosis, his hopes for the future, and why it's so important to better understand Lp(a).

Patient Resources

Individuals with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) are more likely to have high Lp(a) levels than the general population. For this reason, patient groups focused on FH, such as FH Europe, and FH Foundation provide information on elevated Lp(a) and are increasingly involved in raising awareness of the condition.

For a list of supporting organizations across Europe, please visit: https://fheurope.org/network-organisations/network-2/.