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Our mRNAi GOLD™ Platform

Our mRNAi GOLD™ platform consists of precision engineered product candidates designed to accurately target and 'silence' specific disease associated genes in the liver by harnessing the body's natural process of RNAi (RNA interference).

Designed to:

  • Improve molecular design
  • Maximize efficacy
  • Minimize off-target effects
  • Stabilize molecules
  • Optimize manufacturing
  • Robust and growing IP estate
High-quality discovery programs

The Opportunity for Our mRNAi GOLDTM
Platform is Substantial

Existing siRNA programs have only scratched the surface of the liver target space

Only ~1% of genes expressed in the liver have been targeted by publicly known siRNAs

one percent

Opportunity to identify new GaINAc mRNAi drugs targeting many of the remaining 99% (~14,000) of liver-expressed genes

Maximizing Output through Our mRNAi GOLD TM Platform