Our mRNAi GOLD™ Platform

Our mRNAi GOLD™ is a platform for precision engineered therapies designed to accurately target and ‘silence’ specific disease-associated genes in liver cells by using the body’s natural process of RNA interference (RNAi).

  • Improves molecular design
  • Maximizes efficacy
  • Minimizes off-target effects
  • Stabilizes molecules
  • Optimizes manufacturing
  • Robust and growing IP estate
High-quality discovery programs

The Opportunity for Our mRNAi GOLDTM
Platform is Substantial

Existing siRNA programs have only scratched the surface of the liver target space

Only ~1% of genes expressed in the liver have been targeted by publicly known siRNAs

one percent

Opportunity to identify new GaINAc mRNAi drugs targeting many of the remaining 99% (~14,000) of liver-expressed genes

Maximizing Output through Our mRNAi GOLD TM Platform