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At Silence, our vision is to transform peoples’ lives around the world by silencing diseases through our precision engineered medicines and driving positive change for the communities around us. As pioneers in the design and development of siRNAs (short interfering RNAs), we are advancing a new generation of medicines to potentially address the needs of patients who have limited or inadequate treatment options. Our investigational product candidates are designed to harness the body's natural mechanism of RNA interference (RNAi) to precisely target and silence disease-associated genes.

Silence conducts clinical trials to ensure that our investigational product candidates are safe and effective, which supports approval of the treatment by regulatory authorities and ultimately enables patients to access approved, safe and effective treatments.

At this time, Silence does not offer an expanded access program for its investigational products and these can only be accessed by participation in a clinical trial. If in the future Silence decides to offer an expanded access program, Silence will update its policy accordingly. If you are a patient who is interested in accessing one of our investigational products by participating in a clinical trial, please consult with your physician. Anyone who wishes to learn more about Silence’s investigational products or this policy can contact Silence by emailing info@silence-therapeutics.com. More information on Silence’s clinical trials can be found at www.clinicaltrials.gov.