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Addressing Hematological Diseases

Divesiran is our wholly owned siRNA (short interfering RNA) in development for hematological diseases.

About SLN124

Divesiran is a gene ‘silencing’ therapy – one that is designed to temporarily block a specific gene’s message that would otherwise trigger an unwanted effect. In this case, divesiran aims to temporarily ‘silence’ TMPRSS6, a gene that prevents the liver from producing a particular hormone that controls iron levels in the body – hepcidin. As hepcidin increases, iron levels in the blood are expected to decrease, which may increase the production of healthy red blood cells, thereby reducing anemia.

In May 2021, we completed the GEMINI phase 1 study of divesiran in healthy volunteers. We are currently evaluating divesiran in the SANRECO phase 1/2 study in adults with polycythemia vera (PV).

The U.S. FDA has granted divesiran Fast Track and orphan drug designations for PV.