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Thalassemia eBook

This eBook has been developed by Silence Therapeutics as a general resource to improve understanding of thalassemia.

It provides an introduction to some of the key topics relating to thalassemia, including what causes it, how it is diagnosed and current treatment options. It also describes the impact thalassemia can have on everyday life and provides practical tips on how to manage the condition effectively.

A special thanks to the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) for sharing quotes from their members about living with the condition.

Disclaimer: the guidance provided in this eBook does not constitute nor replace medical advice. Please speak to your doctor about any lifestyle changes that may be appropriate for you.


  1. Thalassemia: key facts
  2. Making sense of thalassemia
  3. How thalassemia is diagnosed and treated
  4. Living with thalassemia: the impact on daily life
  5. Practical tips for people living with thalassemia
  6. Further reading