Poster: Delivery of RNA therapeutics for oncology and other diseases
Volker Fehring, Ute Schaeper, Manuela Aleku, Hendrik Gille, Ansgar Santel, Tim Sturgeon, Joerg Kaufmann
Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society Annual Meeting, 12 October 2014

Lung-targeted RNA-interference against Angiopoietin-2 ameliorates multi-organ dysfunction and death in sepsis
Stiehl, Thomas; Thamm, Kristina MS; Kaufmann, Jörg PhD; Schaeper, Ute PhD; Kirsch, Torsten PhD; Haller, Hermann MD; Santel, Ansgar PhD; Ghosh, Chandra C. PhD; Parikh, Samir M. MD; David, Sascha MD
Critical Care Medicine, online pre-publication, 31 July 2014

Presentation: Lung-targeted RNAi against Angiopoietin-2 ameliorates multi-organ dysfunction and death in sepsis
Gordon Research Conference on Endothelial Cell Phenotypes in Health & Disease, Girona, 9-10 July 2014
Kristina Thamm, Thomas Stiehl, Hermann Haller, Sascha David - Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Klinik für Nieren und Hochdruckerkrankungen
Ute Schäper, Jörg Kaufmann, Ansgar Santel – Silence Therapeutics

Report in Molecular Therapy on the chemistry and application of DACC, Silence’s lung delivery formulation
V Fehring, U. Schaeper, K. Ahrens, A. Santel, O. Keil, M. Eisermann, K. Giese and J. Kaufmann

Atu027 Prevents Pulmonary Metastasis in Experimental and Spontaneous Mouse Metastasis Models
Ansgar Santel, Manuela Aleku, Nadine Röder, Kristin Möpert, Birgit Durieux, Oliver Janke, Oliver Keil,
Jens Endruschat, Sibylle Dames, Christian Lange, Mona Eisermann, Kathrin Löffler, Melanie Fechtner,
Gerald Fisch, Christiane Vank, Ute Schaeper, Klaus Giese, and Jörg Kaufmann
Clinical Cancer Research (2010) 16(22) : 5469-80

Atu027, a liposomal siRNA formulation targeting PKN3, inhibits cancer progression  (2008)
Aleku, M., Schulz, P., Keil, O., Santel, A., Schaeper, U., Dieckhoff, B., Janke, O., Endruschat, J., Durieux, B., Röder, N., Löffler, K., Lange, C., Fechtner, M., Möpert, K., Fisch, G., Dames, S., Arnold, W., Jochims, K., Giese, K., Wiedenmann, B., Scholz, A., and Kaufmann, J.
Cancer Research (2008), 68: (23), 9788-9798

Intracellular localization of lipoplexed siRNA in vascular endothelial cells of different mouse tissues. (2008)
Aleku, M., Fisch, G., Möpert, K., Keil, O., Arnold, W., Kaufmann, J., Santel A.
Microvascular Research (2008),  76, 31-41

Liposomale siRNA für RNAi zu therapeutischen Zwecken (2007)
Aleku, M., Endruschat, J., Santel, A., Keil, O.
Biospektrum (2007), 13, 171-172

RNA interference in the mouse vascular endothelium by systemic administration of siRNA-lipoplexes for cancer therapy (2006)
Santel, A., Aleku, M., Keil, O., Endruschat, J., Esche, V., Durieux, B., Loeffler, K., Fechtner, M., Röhl, T., Fisch, G., Dames, S., Arnold, W., Giese, K., Klippel, A., and Kaufmann, J.
Gene Therapy (2006), 18, 1360-1370

A novel siRNA-lipoplex technology for RNA interference in the mouse vascular endothelium (2006)
Santel, A., Aleku, M, Keil, O., Endruschat, J., Esche, V., Fisch, G., Dames, S., Loeffler, K., Fechtner, M., Arnold, W., Giese, K., Klippel A., and Kaufmann, J.
Gene Therapy (2006), 16, 1222-1234

TRB3 is a PI 3-kinase dependent indicator for nutrient starvation (2006)
Schwarzer, R., Dames, S., Tondera, D., Klippel, A., Kaufmann, J.
Cellular Signalling (2006), 18, 899-909

Harnessing In Vivo siRNA Delivery For Target Validation And Therapeutic (2006) Development Frank Y. Xie, Martin C. Woodle and Patrick Y. Lu.
Drug Discovery Today, 2006 Jan;11(1-2):67-73. Review.

REDD1 integrates hypoxia-mediated survival signaling downstream of phophatidylinositol 3-kinase (2005)
Schwarzer, R., Tondera, D., Arnold, W., Giese, K., Klippel, A., Kaufmann J.
Oncogene (2005), 24, 1138-1149

Using siRNA for prophylactic and therapeutic regimens against SARS coronavirus in Rhesus Macaque (2005)
Bao-jian Li, Qingquan Tang, Du Cheng, Chuan Qin, Frank Y Xie, Qiang Wei, Jun Xu, Yijia Liu, Bo-jian Zheng, Martin C Woodle, Nanshan Zhong & Patrick Y Lu.
Nature Medicine, 2005 Aug. 11(8).

Nanoparticles deliver RNAi therapy (2005)
Woodle, MC and PY Lu
Material Today/ Nanotoday, 2005 Aug; 8(8):34-41,

The mitochondrial protein MTP18 contributes to mitochondrial fission in mammalian cells (2005)
Tondera, D., Czauderna, F., Paulick, K., Schwarzer, R., Kaufmann, J., Santel, A.
Cell Sci (2005), 118, 3049-3059

Effects of treatment with small interfering RNA on joint inflammation in mice with collagen-induced arthritis (2005)
Schiffelers RM, Xu J, Storm G, Woodle MC, Scaria PV
Arthritis Rheum. 2005 Apr;52(4):1314-8.

Modulation of angiogenesis with siRNA inhibitors for novel therapeutics (2005)
Lu PY, Xie FY, Woodle MC
Trends Mol Med. 2005 Mar; 11(3):104-13.

Inhibition of ocular angiogenesis by siRNA targeting vascular endothelial growth factor pathway genes: therapeutic strategy for herpetic stromal keratitis (2004)
Kim B, Tang Q, Biswas PS, Xu J, Schiffelers RM, Xie FY, Ansari AM, Scaria PV, Woodle MC, Lu P, Rouse BT.
Am J Pathol. 2004 Dec;165(6):2177-85.

Cancer siRNA therapy by tumor selective delivery with ligand-targeted sterically stabilized nanoparticle (2004)
Schiffelers RM, Ansari A, Xu J, Zhou Q, Tang Q, Storm G, Molema G, Lu PY, Scaria PV, Woodle MC
Nucleic Acids Res. 2004 Nov 1;32 (19):e149.

PKN3 is required for prostate cancer metastasis downstream of chronically active phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (2004)
Leenders F., Möpert, K., Santel, A., Czauderna, F., Aleku, M., Penschuck, S., Dames, S., Sternberger, M., Schmiedeknecht, A., Röhl, T., Wellmann, A., Arnold, W., Giese, K., Kaufmann, J., Klippel, A.
The EMBO Journal (2004), 23, 3303-3313

Knockdown of MTP18, a novel PI 3-kinase dependent protein, affects mitochondrial morphology and induces apoptosis (2004)
Tondera, D., Santel, A., Schwarzer, R., Dames, S., Giese, K., Klippel, A., Kaufmann J.
The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 279, 31544-31555

Delivering siRNA to Animal Disease Models for Validation of Novel Drug Targets In Vivo (2004)
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Identification of novel effectors of invasive cell growth downstream of PI 3-kinase (2004)
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Giese, K.
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Top Methods paper in November 1st Issue (Vol. 31, No. 21) in Nucleic Acids Research: Inducible shRNA expression for application in a prostate cancer mouse model (2003)
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Differential Regulation of TGF-? signaling through SMAD2, SMAD3 and SMAD4 (2003)
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siRNA-mediated antitumorigenesis for drug target validation and therapeutics (2003)
Lu PY, Xie FY, Woodle MC
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Top Standard Category paper in June 1st Issue (Vol. 31, No. 11) in Nucleic Acids Research: Structural variations and stabilizing modifications of synthetic siRNAs in mammalian cells (2003)
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Top Standard Category in January 2nd Issue (Vol. 31, No. 2) in Nucleic Acids Research: Functional studies of the PI(3)-kinase signalling pathway employing synthetic and expressed siRNA (2003)
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GeneBlocs are Powerful Tools to Study and Delineate Signal Transduction Processes which Regulate Cell Growth and Transformation (2002)
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Gene discovery and validation technologies (2001)
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Shortcuts from gene sequence to function (1999)
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